As social media marketing rock stars, things can get crazy with our busy calendars. This piece delivers tips for establishing good social media habits. As your tasks start to pile up, it’s important to remember that we must set aside time to engage on the various social networks. After all,

The sexual symbolism and significance of the color red has long been a part of modern culture, but a new studysuggests it extends beyond the feminine world. New research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology indicates that women in the United States, England, Germany, and China all reported finding men wearing red

When dueling companies in the same industry vie for customers, a natural rhythm of contrasting brand personalities develops. After all, a brand wants to distinguish itself from its competitor. A 30 second advertisement is not the place to find nuance or a middle ground. These polar opposites creates a black

A 2010 UK study of brand personalities found Amazon, Microsoft, and Mercedes-Benz to invoke strong, positive feelings amongst consumers. On the opposite end, FIFA, with its incessant cheating scandals, was surveyed as the least honest brand. Although hardly a death sentence, a brands who consumers see as negative must heed