Most tech-savvy business owners think they know how to use Facebook to grow their business. They have a rude awakening headed their way if they underestimate the work that goes into successfully leveraging the intricate platform.  Before you look to build your community, you must have a design that

An intriguing facet to Jeremy Lin’s meteoric rise to starting point guard of the New York Knicks was experts and casual fans attempting to place Lin on an athletic frame of reference. The original (and lazy) comparison with Tim Tebow was largely due to his religious background. Others placed him

Okay… so you’ve decided to start your own business. Good for you. The excitement of starting something new is really addictive. That addiction (like most others) can be quite dangerous. Business is for people who can finish the drill. Equally as important, business is for those who are strong and

Creating your own is not easy. Many people try to step out on their own in business and the first hint of failure puts them down for the count. They lacked true passion. How much is reaching your goals worth to you? Are you sure that you’re working for something