If you’re anything like me, about every month or so, you find yourself aggravated or annoyed by something you saw on a certain blue-themed social networking site (which shall remain nameless) and end up blurting out “Ugh, I’m just gonna cancel this stupid thing! I hate half these people anyways!”

Brands and agencies worldwide are flocking to Pinterest so they can establish their presence on the image-driven social network. Sure it’s cute, but Pinterest is more than your girlfriend posting pictures of her latest pot pie. The social network is a powerful tool that will get your brand in the

I was intimidated by Facebook Insights when they first rolled out. Where do Google and Facebook get off by using fancy words like “analytics” and “insights”? I’m a sports head. Just call them stats lol. For those in the dark, Insights are metrics for Facebook Fan Pages that gives admins

  Last time we discussed some design tips for your new Facebook Timeline page. Today we discuss some simple Facebook Timeline marketing tips. The big switch is coming on March 30th, so you don’t have much time to get your gameplan in order. Marketing on your cover Marketing on your