I’ll admit it. When we decided to get lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant a few weeks ago, we had high hopes for our 20 month old son’s cooperation – but it wasn’t in his plan. Between mouthfuls of tortilla chips and attempting to dump salsa in his lap twice

According to Wikipedia, myelin is a dielectric (electrically insulating) material that forms a layer, the myelin sheath, usually around only the axon of a neuron. It is essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system.” Myelin is crucial for nerve connection and communication within the nervous system. It ensures

I’m approaching my mid-thirties y’all. It’s a blessing. I’m old enough to have made some mistakes and learn from them. I’m young enough to be able to relate to the behavior and interests of high school and college students. Our firm is growing. We need help from driven young people

Despite the ongoing quarrels between X-Box and PS3 users, both types of gamers pay respect to one another’s console exclusive titles that are known heavy weight hitters in the gaming industry. Although I was born holding a dual shock controller, when this cinematic trailer was released announcing Microsoft’s Halo 3