While at dinner last night with mobile developer Elijah R. Young and professional wrestler Navy, I was asked how I would market a professional wrestler who was making a fresh start. What a question right? I enjoy wrasslin’ and recognize the impact Jim McMahon had on the business, but I

A lot has happened since starting Nao a couple years ago. We’ve gone from a company that thought it was all about tweeting and doing Facebook status updates for small businesses to a rockin’ hybrid firm doing custom design, brand monitoring/reporting for big brands, business management for media stars and

On any average day, you might be using your personal or business Twitter accounts to promote your ideas, politics, viewpoints, or just that great new pair of shoes you found that you feel compelled to show off to the world. But what do people really use Twitter for most? The

With the 2012 Summer Olympics already well under way in London, many of us are setting our DVR to record events, checking results online, and getting into the spirit to cheer on our favorite athletes. But did you know just how much these Olympics have changed the social media game

It’s in our human nature (for most people) to enjoy fun things. Fun should not be limited to a few hours on the weekend. We must find a way to enjoy every aspect of life (even work!). This doesn’t mean to force smiles and giggles at a funeral. That can