Weekly Wednesday Standout #15: 5 Sports Trends That Rocked 2012

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Just because it’s past the New Year doesn’t mean we can’t continue to celebrate 2012. Below is a list of 5 sports trends that moved us for one reason or another this past year, and hopefully will move us in the years to come.

2012 Class of Rookie Quarterbacks

This crop of 2012 rookie quarterbacks has a chance to surpass the famed 1983 class as the best quarterback class ever. In a time when scouts attempt to deconstruct quarterback play down to a science (and where parents pay gurus thousands to develop quarterbacks), Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson have immediately stepped in to become franchise players. Brandon Weedon and Ryan Tannehill had solid, serviceable seasons. Nick Foles looks to be the quarterback of the Eagles’ future. Luck, RGIII, and Wilson have potential to shape the next 10 years of the league. There’s many theories behind this emergence of quality signal callers, from 7 on 7 summer leagues equalling more reps to pro-style college offenses.

The Official Era of Lebron

Lebron James’ 2012 accomplishments: Regular season MVP, NBA Champion, NBA Finals MVP, Olympic gold medalist, Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year.


There’s the game, there’s the game within the game, then there’s moments that sum of the game. GIFs are irreplaceable when it comes to highlighting big plays and the general absurdity behind sports in a couple seconds.

Sports Websites

This is the golden age of sportswriting. Blogs opened up avenues for individual writers. Then those individual writers banded together to for the sports site they always dreamed of. From Deadspin to Grantland, The Classical to Sports on Earth, to The Shadow League and beyond, analysis has never been smarter or more insightful.

Lionel Messi

91 Goals – ‘nuff said

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