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Death And Social Media | Whitney Houston

We lost a great entertainer last week. Whitney Houston passed away at the young age of 48 in Los Angeles, a day before the Grammys. The Internet, especially social media, was buzzing with the unfortunate news the entire weekend. People mostly posted how shocked they were of the news. Many wondered about what caused her […]

Quora And Building Online Authority | 8 Tips

Influence and authority are huge buzz words now. These words should be taken seriously and not seen simply as part of online marketing catch phrases. Influence is the measurement of how well you can put people into action. Authority is the measurement of respect you garner for specific subjects. With influence, authority and the everl-so-important […]

How To Get The Most From Your Email Marketing Efforts

Email marketing is a great way to collect information from your company’s supporters and blast out useful information to them. How would you like to gain more traction in your email marketing efforts? Our tips will help you collect more subscribers and get more opens and clicks. After it’s all said and done, be sure […]

5 Awesome Online Resources For Attorneys

Quora Law Topic Page We’re huge Quora fans. If you’re an attorney, you need to join Quora and build up your authority by answering questions on this platform. Wikipedia Everything is here. You might need to research a topic that’s related to a case. Wikipedia is often a great place to start. FindLaw for Legal Professionals FindLaw is […]

Crushing It With LinkedIn | How Nao Is Winning

Networking and connecting are the features that are on the surface as far as LinkedIn power. Nao is crushing it with LinkedIn and we don’t mind sharing a few tips.PPC Ads We’ve done some pretty cool stuff with the combination of Inbound Marketing and PPC ads. Think of it as two levels of filtering. Your […]

8 Ways To Win Any Election With Social Media

For the sake of transparency, I consider myself a moderate in terms of my political/social views. This blog post is by no means meant to help either side of the political spectrum more than the other. I’m a fan of innovation at mostly all costs. Innovating government and citizen engagement is one of my big […]

Get On Google+

Get on Google+ . You don’t think your competition is on there now? Why wait to find out? However you choose to motivate yourself to embrace something, figure it out and get it going. Here are several reasons for you to drop what you”re doing and set up your personal and/or business Google profile: 1. […]

Why A Podcast?

In a competitive environment where every business has a website, a Twitter account, and a Facebook page (and if you don’t, continue to check back to NaoMediaCon for tips), the margins for standing out are even thinner. Businesses must go the extra mile to command customer attention and build relationships. A podcast is a great, […]