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On Leadership

Leadership is a skill that takes a lifetime to master. Leadership is being aware of and executing on the simple things. Don’t believe me? See how simply making your bed in the morning will propel you into having a day with winning on your mind. Hear it from Admiral William H. McRaven during his University […]

best copywriting services in Atlanta

The Best Copywriting Services in Atlanta

Why is Nao Media one of the best copywriting services in Atlanta? Nao Media is one of the best copywriting services in Atlanta because we have developed a unique content writing workflow that keeps our clients involved and allows our team to produce a large amount of content without becoming stressed. Pretty cool right? Nao […]

Content Creation: Nao Media and Her New Focus

Our pivot to a content creation agency isn’t because it’s the cool thing to do. It’s a return to our roots. Sadly, we used to try to do it all. Not only is that proposition stressful for an agency, but it’s not ideal (for us anyway). We’re not an end-to-end digital marketing and design agency. […]

Politics, Athletes, and Twitter: the Zimmerman Trial

It’s been hard to avoid the news and reactions (from all sides) to the verdict of the George Zimmerman. The trial, which resulted from the killing of 17-year old Trayvon Martin, was both politically and racially charged. People from all over the globe and from all walks of life reacted to the not guilty verdict, […]

How Social Media Pays Dividends to Retired Athletes

Becoming adept at navigating social networks can transform the brand of a retired athlete from “has been” to “savvy navigator.” I recently wrote an article that explored how active athletes can use social media to become fan favorites. In this article, I cover how retired athletes can continue to grow their brand by staying active […]

How Every Athlete Can Use Social Media to Become a Fan Favorite

Athletes who aren’t getting the most out of their presence through social media are selling themselves short. If you’re an athlete who wants to get more out of social media, this post is for you. An increased social media presence through quality community management can yield increased fan support and new business opportunities. Every athlete […]

Branding is Poetry: A Series of Branding Haiku

Winter Cold and brisk winds blow. And the season brings giving. Brands give us belief. Spring Earth is renascent. We leave the grey for yellow. Branding is healing. Summer Long sun heats the air. We create cool for balance. Branding is feeling. Fall Orange, brown, and red The art of learning returns. Branding gives meaning.   […]

10 Tips for Marketing Your Superstar Child

Parents, Before you invest in headshots, singing lessons, electronic press kits and all the other typical things that parents think they need to prepare their child for childhood stardom, read this article and make sure your plan for marketing and protecting your child is tight. As an entertainment marketing professional, a record label owner, and […]