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Social Slam versus your favorite social media conference

Hosted by SMCKnox in charming Knoxville, Social Slam is a social media conference where great content and marketing minds converge and educate. Conferences (especially the social media ones) are hit and miss. They usually hit you for $500-$1500 and then underwhelm with pre-beginner level information that my four year-old daughter could give to me. Not […]

Creative Marketing With Pinterest

Brands and agencies worldwide are flocking to Pinterest so they can establish their presence on the image-driven social network. Sure it’s cute, but Pinterest is more than your girlfriend posting pictures of her latest pot pie. The social network is a powerful tool that will get your brand in the eyes of a buying demographic. […]

Facebook Insights For Idiots Like Me

I was intimidated by Facebook Insights when they first rolled out. Where do Google and Facebook get off by using fancy words like “analytics” and “insights”? I’m a sports head. Just call them stats lol. For those in the dark, Insights are metrics for Facebook Fan Pages that gives admins an idea on the demographics […]

Fan Page Marketing Tips For Facebook Timeline

  Last time we discussed some design tips for your new Facebook Timeline page. Today we discuss some simple Facebook Timeline marketing tips. The big switch is coming on March 30th, so you don’t have much time to get your gameplan in order. Marketing on your cover Marketing on your page’s cover design can be […]

Fan Page Design Tips For Facebook Timeline

  Facebook and The Fighting Zucks are always changing something. I’m not mad at them. Most of their changes benefit their business. People (the users) might initially throw little hissy fits at their platform changes, but they eventually get over it. This time Facebook fan pages are getting a facelift. Facebook fan pages are being […]

Businesses With Kick Ass Facebook Page Designs

  Most tech-savvy business owners think they know how to use Facebook to grow their business. They have a rude awakening headed their way if they underestimate the work that goes into successfully leveraging the intricate platform.  Before you look to build your community, you must have a design that pops. Here are a few […]

The Immeasurable Value Of Passion Part 2

Okay… so you’ve decided to start your own business. Good for you. The excitement of starting something new is really addictive. That addiction (like most others) can be quite dangerous. Business is for people who can finish the drill. Equally as important, business is for those who are strong and disciplined enough to stick to […]

The Immeasurable Value Of Passion Part 1

Creating your own is not easy. Many people try to step out on their own in business and the first hint of failure puts them down for the count. They lacked true passion. How much is reaching your goals worth to you? Are you sure that you’re working for something that you really want? How […]

5 Must-Follow Sports Opinionists On Twitter

Everyone that knows me know that I’m a huge sports nut. When I want to learn about some sports news or get in a good laugh, I check out what these folks are tweeting. Jemele Hill – @jemelehill She knows her sports and music. She’s funny as all get out. She has freckles. Every man’s […]