hand holding cellphone - mobile apps that make content sharing easy

Top 6 Mobile Apps That Make Content Sharing Easy

Let’s talk about mobile apps that make content sharing easy for startups and small businesses! We’ve seen many businesses struggling to make their social media campaigns successful in achieving high revenue and quality traffic. Disregarding or overlooking the importance of mobile phone users may be one of the reasons. Did you know that 74% of …

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Facebook boosted post vs ad

Facebook Boosted Post vs Ad: A Study on the Best Facebook Strategy

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platforms internationally. With over two billion people active on the social network, Facebook gives companies an ideal platform to advertise their business. In this article, I will be discussing the differences between two widely used advertising methods that Facebook offers: Facebook boosted post vs ad. …

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5 Questions to Ask Before You Start a Social Media Campaign

  HAVE A PLAN OF ATTACK FOR YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN Social media campaigns are a significant part of online business. From hashtag awareness to launching a new product, these campaigns take on a variety of forms. This versatility makes social media campaigns simultaneously so effective, yet so scatter brained at the same time. The …

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