content writing workflow

Content Writing Workflow – 7 Steps for Content Creation Excellence

A content writing workflow separates awesome copywriters from the average. A well-implemented content writing workflow is great for all parties who are involved in the process of content creation and marketing. It gives a writing team a system for writing organized web-ready content. And it gives a client what they desire: transparency of the writing …

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Use Your Words | Writing Tips

This morning my wife told our four-year-old daughter, “use your words.” We want our daughter to express her feelings verbally instead of defaulting to angry tactics. I was hit with a little bit of writer’s block until I remembered those words. Today, I’m writing about using your words for finding your writing voice. Pull from …

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Social Media Habits | How Twitter Cleans Up Writing

Once thought to be a detriment, Twitter’s 140 character limit has become the calling card for users as diverse as news organizations, business companies, and bloggers. The limit makes sure Tweets are short, concise, and to the point – concepts that English teachers around the country strive to instill in their students. What can a …

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