FTC Disclosure

We want to be 100% clear about how we earn revenue at Nao Media.

A portion of our revenue is earned through affiliate links. When someone clicks on an affiliate link and makes a purchase, we may receive a commission. Your support in this way helps us invest in producing the best content that we can.

Rest assured, we take our time to carefully study the products and services that we review and recommend.

What will clicking affiliate links cost you?

Nothing extra.

The price of any product or service that you purchase after clicking affiliate links would be the same as what you would normally pay. In some cases, you may receive a discount or promotional deal from our affiliate partner.

What about sponsored content?

People, businesses and brands contact us to publish sponsored reviews and other forms of sponsored content. Nao Media gets paid to publish sponsored content.

Sponsored content will be held to the same high standard as the rest of our content. And we will ensure that all sponsored reviews are fair and transparent. No selling out here. We care about you too much to do that.

Sponsored content usually doesn’t include affiliate links, but it could.

We will clearly label sponsored content so that you know what it is.

Thank you

Your support blesses and inspires us. Thank you for reading and trusting Nao Media.