digital marketing agency business plan

How to Write a Digital Marketing Agency Business Plan in One Day

I’ve been working on forming a promising business partnership with another agency owner. We’re currently collaborating on a necessary element of any business–a business plan. Since I love walking my readers through my business experiences, I’m going to break down the exact steps for writing a simple digital marketing agency business plan. 2020, with the …

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basketball on court - business lessons

9 Things Basketball Teaches Me About Entrepreneurship

The parallels between basketball and entrepreneurship are many. Actually, the same is true for sports and life in general. I play basketball twice a week (it’s my favorite form of exercise). Our 12-year-old daughter loves playing and pulling off some amazing dribble moves. I generally nerd out on the sport by researching analytics/advanced stats, answering …

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a mini robot - the future of artificial intelligence in marketing

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the World of Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing is undergoing constant changes. Every passing day brings new and exciting innovations that help marketers take digital marketing campaigns to the next level. One of the most exciting and beneficial technological advancements include the emergence and evolution of artificial intelligence (AI). The future of artificial intelligence in marketing is here …

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ipad with online marketing - growth of the digital marketing industry

2019’s Hottest Developments and Innovations in the Digital Marketing Industry

Change is the only constant thing in the world of digital marketing. Every year comes with a set of new developments and exciting innovations – 2019 was no different. It was filled with exciting trends and developments aimed at refining the techniques and processes associated with digital marketing. From improved artificial intelligence methods to profile …

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hand holding cellphone - mobile apps that make content sharing easy

Top 6 Mobile Apps That Make Content Sharing Easy

Let’s talk about mobile apps that make content sharing easy for startups and small businesses! We’ve seen many businesses struggling to make their social media campaigns successful in achieving high revenue and quality traffic. Disregarding or overlooking the importance of mobile phone users may be one of the reasons. Did you know that 74% of …

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digital marketing guide for real estate brokers

2020 Digital Marketing Guide for Real Estate Brokers

Gone are the days when real estate agencies could rely on conventional marketing methods to attract clients and even agents. In today’s age of technology, when every industry is shifting online and all businesses are exploring digital marketing platforms, real estate brokers simply cannot afford to be left behind. We’re here to help you today …

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