digital marketing agency business plan

How to Write a Digital Marketing Agency Business Plan in One Day

I’ve been working on forming a promising business partnership with another agency owner. We’re currently collaborating on a necessary element of any business–a business plan. Since I love walking my readers through my business experiences, I’m going to break down the exact steps for writing a simple digital marketing agency business plan. 2020, with the …

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ipad with online marketing - growth of the digital marketing industry

2019’s Hottest Developments and Innovations in the Digital Marketing Industry

Change is the only constant thing in the world of digital marketing. Every year comes with a set of new developments and exciting innovations – 2019 was no different. It was filled with exciting trends and developments aimed at refining the techniques and processes associated with digital marketing. From improved artificial intelligence methods to profile …

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digital marketing for healthcare

Physician Branding: The Benefits of Digital Marketing for Healthcare

Let’s talk about physician branding! The last time you reviewed your healthcare organization’s marketing outcomes, what did you see? Perhaps there has been a major decline in your performance across some marketing channels – at least this is what’s happening with most of the established healthcare organizations.   So, is there anything that you’re doing wrong?  …

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9 Reasons Every Dentist in Newnan GA Must Embrace Digital Marketing

The 9 Secret Online Marketing Weapons Every Dentist Needs to Use Now

Recently, I went to my dentist in Tyrone GA for a check up and teeth cleaning. As a connoisseur of all things digital marketing, I started thinking about digital marketing for dentists while I was sitting in my dentist’s lobby. As a dentist in Newnan GA, if you’re not marketing online, you’re doing your practice …

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