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CCS 017 | Mark Schaefer : Branding, Purpose-Driven Business and Christ

Mark Schaefer joins me for Episode 17 of The Chris Craft Show. We discussed personal branding, the purpose-driven business and how Jesus Christ impacts his business. Enjoy the show. Get early access to new episodes, shout outs, exclusive articles, discounts and more… when you become a Chris Craft Show Club Member at More about Mark Schaefer […]

Branding and Marketing Tips for New Real Estate Agents

As a new real estate agent, you’re often faced with so much information that you don’t know which way to go. I have written some great content to help you market yourself and your new real estate business. The following articles offer branding and marketing tips for new real estate agents. Establish a Strong Personal Brand […]

7 Ways Blogging for B2B Helps Business Success

B2B organizations worldwide are becoming more aware of the amazing business benefits that blogging for B2B offers. Now it’s time for you to help your B2B organization get into the blogging game. We are going to motivate you to get your internal stakeholders on board with blogging for B2B. B2B businesses thrive on partnerships and […]

6 Ways to Optimize Your Video Content

VIDEO CONTENT IS THE FUTURE Marketing content is constantly evolving as the Internet evolves. From social marketing, to email marketing, to what we know as marketing content today, it’s important for brands and businesses to stay up on current platforms. The numbers certainly back up the increased popularity of video content. They predict that consumer […]

Why Should I Use an Editorial Calendar?

YOUR EDITORIAL CALENDAR FOCUSES YOUR CONTENT STRATEGY While the most obvious reason to have a calendar is to organize your content flow for the next several months, developing an editorial calendar is more than writing due dates into a spreadsheet. But through a combination of open dialogue and contribution from all writers involved, it can […]

The Ins & Outs of Paid Social Media: How, What & Why?

PAID SOCIAL MEDIA IS THE FUTURE OF DIGITAL MARKETING Last July, I wrote a post discussing the large outcry of from Facebook’s newly introduced (at the time) Promoted Posts concept. It was controversial at the time. Social media up until then was founded on the idea of organic reach. The “free as in beer” price […]

How to Build a Strong Daily Writing Habit

Writing is a vocation and a calling to some. Whichever the case, it’s not glamorous. This posts paints a sobering picture and gives practical advice for building a strong daily writing habit. This isn’t meant to scare you away but if you can’t write when you don’t feel like writing then you likely won’t write […]

7 Ways to Create Original Content

CREATE ORIGINAL CONTENT BY FOLLOWING THESE TIPS In a world where content creation is now part of a marketing strategy from online brands and companies alike, it’s even harder to stand out from the pack. It is still possible to make waves with one key idea: create original content. Creating original content sounds much easier […]