digital marketing for healthcare

Physician Branding: The Benefits of Digital Marketing for Healthcare

Let’s talk about physician branding! The last time you reviewed your healthcare organization’s marketing outcomes, what did you see? Perhaps there has been a major decline in your performance across some marketing channels – at least this is what’s happening with most of the established healthcare organizations.   So, is there anything that you’re doing wrong?  …

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CCS 017 | Mark Schaefer : Branding, Purpose-Driven Business and Christ

Mark Schaefer joins me for Episode 17 of The Chris Craft Show. We discussed personal branding, the purpose-driven business and how Jesus Christ impacts his business. Enjoy the show. Get early access to new episodes, shout outs, exclusive articles, discounts and more… when you become a Chris Craft Show Club Member at More about Mark Schaefer …

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What We’ve Been Up To: Planning for Success in 2016

First, let me apologize for our silence as of late. Besides refining our purpose, mission, and vision, we’ve been in serious planning mode for the last two months. We thank God for this time for it’s been refreshing and productive. If you’re not planning for success in 2016, then I’m not sure why you’re in …

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