Real Estate Blogging Tips: How to Increase Engagement During the Holiday Slump

It’s after Labor Day, school is back in session and the holidays are approaching, which generally means a decline in sales for real estate agents and brokers. But don’t let the cooler weather blow out the flames on your user engagement. Following these four simple real estate blogging tips, or the “POKE” method, will get …

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batteries for blog writers

Blog Writers, Recharge Your Battery!

Those of us blog writers who write for a living know that writer’s block is a real thing.  Exhaustion from clients or frustration with issues in our personal lives can drain our brain power and make it almost impossible for us to type one more letter or think of one more synonym.  When the frustration …

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content writing workflow

Content Writing Workflow – 7 Steps for Content Creation Excellence

A content writing workflow separates awesome copywriters from the average. A well-implemented content writing workflow is great for all parties who are involved in the process of content creation and marketing. It gives a writing team a system for writing organized web-ready content. And it gives a client what they desire: transparency of the writing …

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