5 Ways to Create Unique & Engaging Blog Content

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Raise your hand if you love french fries? *raises both hands* 

Raise your hand if you would want to eat french fries every day?

As much as we love fries, we know that eating the same thing all the time would not only be wildly unhealthy, but also, kinda boring. Much like our eating habits, blogging can get boring if day in and day out, nothing but dull, blog posts get published. Variety is the spice of life and switching up your post routine is crucial to keeping your blog exciting and fresh. Check out these tips to learn unique ways to vary your content, draw readers in and keep them interested in your blog posts:


Watch for trends. Check Twitter or Google Alerts to keep up with popular discussions happening within your industry. Keeping abreast on what’s trending can be extremely helpful for generating relevant blog content  that has people talking. Although current events can create instant gratification for blog views and engagement, remember that popular topics don’t yield lasting results. 

Remix an old post.  Take a look at older posts that generated a lot of buzz and add an updated angle or spin on that topic. Recycling older blog post is great for boosting engagement and further exposing your post to a wider range of people. The best blog content  to remix are those posts that have  evergreen content – those posts will reap SEO and engagement activity for months, maybe even years to come.

Create a “best of” list.  Gather up some posts that have a common denominator and compile a post  of your greatest hits. Creating a “best of” list not only exposes all your posts on the topic all at once, but it also helps to solidify your expertise on the topic.

Give your opinion.  There’s nothing wrong with creating a little controversy. When you challenge a popular belief, it brings attention to not only the subject, but to you as well. Opinion pieces are great because they can showcase a varied perspective on a topic and they welcome the opinions of other readers. If you choose to challenge popular opinion with your blog content, be sure that your argument is clear, concise and not too aggressive – you have to make a good, logical point.

Get personal. What’s more original and unique than sharing one’s own personal experiences? Don’t be afraid to share your story online,  just make sure it’s relevant to the topic and that readers can learn something from it. 

Creating unique and engaging blog content is not an easy task, but it’s crucial to reader retention and engagement. No one wants to only eat french fries everyday – sometimes you want a salad or a cheeseburger! A well rounded  blog is like a well rounded diet; there’s nothing wrong with consistency as long as you’re supplementing in other items to balance it out.  Varying your blog content and keeping your posts full of flavor guarantees that readers will keep coming back.

What are some secrets you have to making your blog content alluring to readers?

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