Recycle, Reduce, Reuse: How to Repurpose Online Content

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When creating a content marketing strategy, one of the biggest factors marketers have to deal with is having to consistently come up with unique, engaging content that has online longevity and relevance. Although content creation is an important part of an online strategy and making sure your recent posts have that “WOW” factor is key, it isn’t nearly as important as promoting the already existing content that’s out there. Marketers have learned that when it comes to content strategy, the focus should be on further exposing the high quality content that’s already published as opposed to focusing on creating more content to expose.

An easy way to get your content into the hands of more people is by repurposing your content. Content repurposing is tweaking aspects of your content to vary the way you access your audience. People respond to information differently; one person may identify with an e-book whereas another enjoys listening to a podcast.  If you repurpose content, you can share the same or similar information across different channels and meet your audience where they are.

In a way, repurposing content is similar to the recycle, reduce and reuse mantra of environmental conservation. If you repurpose your content, not only are you reusing it, but you’re reducing the amount of time you would have to spend creating content while still turning out refreshed content. Aside from its time saving qualities, repurposing content has other benefits like:

1. It’s GREAT for SEO.

Multiple pieces of content around the same keyword can create added opportunities to expose your business, especially if promoted outside of just your company website. SEO guru and author of book Optimize, Lee Odden states, ” When a SEO and content marketingstrategy work together, repurposing content means additional SEO assets to attract search traffic on many different variations of a theme.”

2. Access to a New Audience Through Multi-Channel Sharing

If your content made waves just by being posted on your company blog, imagine how much more of an impact it could make if it was shared in other ways! If you repurpose that same content to be used in another social networking medium, you not only give it a new shot at life, but you gain a whole other audience. Michael Brenner of SAP breaks down multi-channel marketing into simple terms saying it “provides the content our audiences are searching for, in all the places they search.”

3. Repeats Your Message

Repurpose your content and reinforce your message. Repeating the same information over and over again helps to allow your content to really sink in with your audience. Plus, publishing enough information on the same topic can raise your industry status for you and your business as experts in the field.

Repurposing content is more than just posting the same thing on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ with slightly different wording. If you choose to repurpose content, it should build and add value to the content strategy. A great place to start to find content to repurpose is to take a look at those archived posts that have created a lot of buzz. Check out those posts with the most page views or engagement, for those topics seem to be of interest to your audience. Another option to consider is revamping those evergreen posts. An evergreen post is ideal to repurpose because it takes minimal effort to create and it’s just one more avenue that helps to further their everlasting quality.

Nao Media wants to help expose your business profile through a thorough online content strategy. Using marketing tools such as repurposed content will only help your business gain added exposure, but it will drive the results you’re looking for.  If you’re ready to grow your business, contact Nao Media to discuss your digital marketing plan.


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