Why an E-Newsletter is Still a Valuable Part of Content Strategy

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In the digital marketing world, the one word we have heard over and over again is CONTENT. Marketers cannot stop talking about content. Whether it be the importance of having lasting content, how to create a content strategy or how evergreen content can be an excellent tool to boost your blog presence; content is the bread and butter of the modern marketer.

Thanks to the Internet, content creators like Nao Media have a wealth of online platforms to share content. First came blogs. Then came the social media networks, like Twitter and Facebook. Before we knew it, we were liking, commenting and posting content in ways we had never imagined.

Although it’s important for businesses like Nao to be able to adapt to the ever-changing online marketing industry, there is one tried and true method of old school digital marketing that has proven itself successful time and time again. That’s right, we’re talking about the granddaddy of them all… email.

Yes, email. People still communicate via email and an e-newsletter is an excellent way to brand your business and engage your audience. By including email campaigns into an online strategy, businesses can also drive traffic to their website through engaging content found in an e-newsletter.

Most emailed newsletters have an open rate that ranges from about 14 – 25%, with click-through rates falling lower than that. Reason being, people generally view email campaigns as the bulk mail of the internet and yet another sales marketing ploy. However, by using unique and creative content, your business e-newsletter can quickly go from looking like a typical sales email headed straight for the trash can to an intriguing piece of information that could garner more interest in your business and brand. Email campaigns are still a valuable asset for content creators and marketers to utilize. Below are the top four ways e-newsletters can be a great tool to incorporate into a content marketing strategy:

More Content, Less Frequently 

A thousand word, SEO optimized blog post is great when people have the time to read them. The average web reader has a short attention span and an even shorter amount of time to engage in online content. Although short posts can increase readability, they often give the watered down version of content. E-newsletters are great because they can not only deliver easy-to-read content, but they can provide links for subscribers to bookmark and read later. E-newsletters also don’t require the same frequency of content that a blog post would demand. Whereas the most useful blogs are actively putting out posts several times a week to keep relevance, an e-newsletter can deliver content as needed without losing their audience.

Contact Building

Blogs are a public forum and even if your company blog sees many hits per day, those page visits aren’t translating into contacts. While blogs create visitors and gain an online influence, e-newsletters garner contacts. Email newsletters are nothing without a hearty contact list and with every subscription, you have gained a contact that you can now include into your digital marketing queue.

Opportunity to Share Exclusive or Personal Content

There is such a thing as sharing too much information on the internet.  Blog posts and tweets are great ways to share information online, but it isn’t wise for a company to show their hand and give up too much information to the public for it to potentially be used with no return on investment. E-newsletters provide a more private platform to share personal content. By placing quality content in an email newsletter, you have the exclusive control of how your content is shared and with whom.

Great for Repurposing Use

Because e-newsletters go out to a specific and exclusive list of contacts, everyone will not have the opportunity to see all of your content. Content from emailed newsletters can be repurposed and recirculated throughout all of your online channels; further expanding your brand and web presence.

Every company must develop an online content strategy that not only helps better promote and increase your personal brand, but also helps you to better engage with your target audience.  At Nao, we create highly effective email marketing copy for campaigns that increase sales and brand awareness for businesses. Contact us today to begin to tell your story through expert digital content and strategy.


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