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CCS 017 | Mark Schaefer : Branding, Purpose-Driven Business and Christ

Mark Schaefer joins me for Episode 17 of The Chris Craft Show. We discussed personal branding, the purpose-driven business and how Jesus Christ impacts his business. Enjoy the show. Get early access to new episodes, shout outs, exclusive articles, discounts and more… when you become a Chris Craft Show Club Member at More about Mark Schaefer […]

Branding and Marketing Tips for New Real Estate Agents

As a new real estate agent, you’re often faced with so much information that you don’t know which way to go. I have written some great content to help you market yourself and your new real estate business. The following articles offer branding and marketing tips for new real estate agents. Establish a Strong Personal Brand […]

7 Ways Blogging for B2B Helps Business Success

B2B organizations worldwide are becoming more aware of the amazing business benefits that blogging for B2B offers. Now it’s time for you to help your B2B organization get into the blogging game. We are going to motivate you to get your internal stakeholders on board with blogging for B2B. B2B businesses thrive on partnerships and […]

Marketing With Millennials – The Sleeping Giant

Marketing to Millennials Takes Savvy and Understanding Millennials get blamed for everything these days, from the economy to being lazy. But take a look past those initial stereotypes and you’ll discover a generation that is willing to get behind brands – if those brands understand how to unlock them. But first, let’s take a step […]

3 Steps to Managing Your Digital Presence

We live in a world where almost anything we need answers to can be found online. Anything from our automobiles, our allergies and even our ancestors can be discovered. With the click of a mouse we have access to not only information pertaining to us, but info about the world around us. Because the internet is […]

7 Tips to Running an Effective Social Media Strategy

The following post is a guest post from social media marketing professional, Lisa Henderson of Simply Social_LA. You’ve heard  great things about integrating social media into your business. You’ve heard all about it’s benefits and you’re thinking you’re ready to go for it.  BUT, where do you start? The world of social media can be a […]

LeBron James and Personal Branding: Lessons in Humanity

LeBron James’s decision to return to the Cavs is bigger than personal branding. My relationship with Northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball. I didn’t realize that four years ago. I do now. – LeBron James Today’s lesson — LeBron James and personal branding: Friday, July 11th, 2014, is the day that LeBron James became human […]

Pinterest Social Marketing Strategy

Pinterest and Your Social Marketing Strategy

Social media is dominating the digital marketing scene and the online photo sharing platform Pinterest  is becoming  a popular tool  for companies to include in their social marketing strategy to grow their business. When formatting a  social marketing strategy, most content marketers go for the usual suspects (Facebook, Twitter and Google+).  But with over 70 million […]

5 Ways to Create Unique & Engaging Blog Content

Raise your hand if you love french fries? *raises both hands*  Raise your hand if you would want to eat french fries every day? As much as we love fries, we know that eating the same thing all the time would not only be wildly unhealthy, but also, kinda boring. Much like our eating habits, […]

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse: How to Repurpose Online Content

When creating a content marketing strategy, one of the biggest factors marketers have to deal with is having to consistently come up with unique, engaging content that has online longevity and relevance. Although content creation is an important part of an online strategy and making sure your recent posts have that “WOW” factor is key, […]