3 Steps to Managing Your Digital Presence

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We live in a world where almost anything we need answers to can be found online. Anything from our automobiles, our allergies and even our ancestors can be discovered. With the click of a mouse we have access to not only information pertaining to us, but info about the world around us. Because the internet is so convenient, it can be easy to forget that we aren’t the only ones loving its convenience; nor are we the only ones with access to that same information.

Friends and followers alike can like, comment and share whatever is posted to your social accounts and as a professional I’m sure you  know not to participate in posting inappropriate or potentially offensive material. That’s a great start, but managing your digital presence goes a little bit further than that. Remember that people you know aren’t the only ones interested in what you have to say or who you are. Hiring managers, landlords and even employees can get all they need to know about you by simply searching your name online. Managing your digital presence is crucial to building and establishing your online professional reputation. You should only want the best version of yourself and your brand to be displayed, so take ownership of your digital presence.

Here are three tips to keep in mind when it comes to managing your digital presence:

Google Yourself

A quick and easy way to manage your digital presence is to Google yourself every so often.  To get the most accurate search results look in the upper right hand corner of the Google homepage.  Under your Google profile image, you’ll see two boxes—one that looks like the silhouette of a person, the other that looks like a globe. By default, Google gives you personalized results when you search for anything online, based on your internet history. So in order to get the most accurate representation of what other people see when they search for you, make sure you click on the globe once your search results populate.

Buy Your Name URL

This is one of the best ways to protect your digital presence. Buy owning your own personal domain name, you can manipulate the search results when someone tries to look you up online. Domain names aren’t expensive and can be purchased from suppliers like Google and GoDaddy. The next best step after you buy your domain name, would be to link it to a web page that you designate to your and your business/brand. This way, you figuratively and literally own your digital presence.

Fill In That LinkedIN profile

One of the best resources for a professional is to have a LinkedIn profile. However, a partially completed page won’t help to establish your credibility. The #1 personal Google search result for the majority of people is their LinkedIn profile – don’t take that for granted. Make sure your profile has all the most recent information about your accomplishments and work history. Also don’t forget to have an attractive picture as  it will likely end up being one of the first few photos people see of you when they look at your Google Image search results


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