Why You Should Be on YouTube

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Storytelling and content creation takes all different forms. While the most popular medium of content is written (blogging), there’s numerous ways to get your brand’s story into the world. One oft look, but potentially lucrative alternative to blogging is creating video content on YouTube.

Watching a YouTube video is a different experience than reading a blog on WordPress. Now, that’s an obvious but important statement. On one hand, a potential customer can read your blog at their own leisure and pace. Maybe they read the first paragraph, get some coffee, and browse their Twitter and Facebook feed before getting back to the rest of your content. A short YouTube video is much more immediate. And with the right visuals and content, reaches a different level of engagement.

When writing blog content, your competition is other blogs. When creating streaming videos, your competition is other streaming content. You change the direction of your brand’s story.

What are the advantages of having streaming video content like Youtube for your brand?

Simplicity: The days of spending thousands of dollars on top notch video equipment are over. You don’t need much to create quality video content. In fact, using the right lighting, a high definition smartphone (such as the latest Android or iPhone) could do the trick. Other options such as a GoPro only cost a couple hundred dollars.

The key to video isn’t the picture quality as much as sound. The quality can be okay to get your point across. However, you do want to make sure your sound is top notch. Otherwise, how can potential customers understand what you’re trying to say?

Visual Stories: GoPro is a perfect example of how content and video come together. When you think of GoPro footage, you think of extreme sports such as mountain biking or water rafting. That’s not to say that the camera only works for adventure. It’s more of a way to show an interesting perspective that many wouldn’t otherwise see. And that’s the key to visual branding – show a different perspective to have your content stand out from the rest.

You can do different types of content with video you couldn’t otherwise do with text. Tutorials and product unboxing or demonstrations are just two examples that many brands use to resonate with customers. If you’re giving a lecture at a college, you can record and upload the best bits.

Length: What’s the best length for a YouTube video? The answer to this, is that there’s no answer. But through YouTube’s analytics, you can see when people stop watching your video. The key here isn’t length – it’s engrossing content (with a hint of analytics).

The Future: First, it began with Netflix creating original content with House of Cards and Orange is the New Black (not to mention premiering the final season of Arrested Development). Amazon announced the other day that Prime customers will be able to stream HBO’s library. AT&T announced they’ll invest $500 million on streaming video content. In short, streaming video has a lucrative future.

Whether visual or text, the key is finding the right voice for your brand, and maximizing the content. But with the right strategy, you could be on your way to YouTube stardom.

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