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CCS 024 | David Horne : Marketing and Design Avenger

David Horne joins me on Episode 24 of The Chris Craft Show for a fruitful chat on marketing and design from a Christian worldview. Get early access to new episodes, shout outs, exclusive content, discounts and more… when you become a Chris Craft Show Club Member at More about David Horne Bio: David Horne is […]

7 Ways Blogging for B2B Helps Business Success

B2B organizations worldwide are becoming more aware of the amazing business benefits that blogging for B2B offers. Now it’s time for you to help your B2B organization get into the blogging game. We are going to motivate you to get your internal stakeholders on board with blogging for B2B. B2B businesses thrive on partnerships and […]

Control Your Brand Message With An Integrated Marketing Strategy

HAVING AN INTEGRATED MARKETING STRATEGY IS ESSENTIAL Twitter. Facebook. Snapchat. Video. Content marketing. With so many platforms available for your digital business to distribute content and develop relationships with customers, you’re probably constantly analyzing which is right for your company. Beware of missing the forest through the trees. The goal of marketing – whether through […]

Nao Picks: Best Books to Gift the Modern Marketer

Are books still a thing in 2014? And no, I’m not talking about eBooks (but if ebooks are your thing, here’s a great one to read!). I’m talking about those little paperback notebooks filled with words that require you to lick your finger just to turn the pages. Ahhh! THOSE kinds of books. As modern marketers we appreciate […]

Marketing With Millennials – The Sleeping Giant

Marketing to Millennials Takes Savvy and Understanding Millennials get blamed for everything these days, from the economy to being lazy. But take a look past those initial stereotypes and you’ll discover a generation that is willing to get behind brands – if those brands understand how to unlock them. But first, let’s take a step […]

Wake Up!: How Calls to Action Boost Website Content

EARN YOUR CALLS TO ACTION Buy now! Sign up for our email list! Download our “20 Tips for More Twitter Followers”! We’ve seen these types of ads pop up from all sorts of websites. We may have even signed up for some. What do these seemingly random demands have in common? They are calls to […]

Podcasts: 5 Ways to Build Your Community

PODCASTS BUILD LEGACIES With more than 8 million episodes, 250,000 shows in over 100 languages, and 1 billion subscribers on iTunes, podcasts are part of our everyday life. So to ask whether recording a podcast can help your brand is the wrong question. That’s not all – podcasts range from the storytelling of This American […]