Your Business Needs Online Content

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Today we discuss why it is important for your business to have online content. 

So, you worked hard setting up your business website. You spent money on a URL and servers. You set up an ecommerce shop to sell your product. And you officially launched. Now what?

Your biggest obstacle is standing out in a sea of competition. There’s a theory termed “Attention economy” that says that due to the vast information of the internet and the distractions of social media, our most important commodity is what we pay attention to. So how do you get potential customer’s attention? It comes down to one word: content.

The importance of online content (and content creators like Nao Media) has increased significantly in the past couple of years. In a way, content has grown up. Blogs were one of the first forms of online content (although we didn’t see it as that). Then came the social networks, like Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus. These platforms work to form one common idea: your business brand. But what other reasons do you have for creating online content?

SEO Searches

95% of online search traffic flows from the first page of Google search pages. In short, you want to be on the first page of Google for whatever your business is. So how do you get to the vaunted first page of Google? Create online content. This is perhaps the most important reason why your business needs intelligent online content.

Marketing Your Brand

Are you still of the old school mentality that commercials and paid advertisements are the key to your company’s success? Think again. In a social media driven world, online content is your brand’s voice. Instead of dumping thousands of hard earned dollars into traditional marketing ventures, why not sign up for Twitter (which is free), and build a community of customers with informative content?

Your Competitors Use Online Marketing

60% of brands use some form of online marketing, whether it be blogs, YouTube videos, or infographics. That means two things: first, that a majority of your competitors are getting a leg up on Google searches, and as a result, you’re losing out on potential customers for your business. Second, it means that 40% of brands aren’t using any form of online marketing – that’s a significant chance to one up your competitors by understanding the new marketing rules. After all, how can potential customers find you if you’re not online? Content creators can help you reach customers who need your expertise!

You Control the Message

Instead of relying on third parties to relay your brand’s message (which can get muddled and lost in translation), online content allows you to speak to your brand’s customers directly. This is arguably the most powerful reason to be on social media. After all, any content you release, from tweets to blog posts to Facebook status updates, becomes part of your brand. And you have the final say!

Build Relationships

What’s a more efficient sales pitch: cold calling a bunch of random numbers, or offering your product or services to people who already have expressed an interest in your company? Online content helps you build relationships through a common interest, and builds a trust between you and potential customers. And you can’t put a dollar value on that.

There’s a saying that says “content is king”. While that may be going overboard, you can’t put a price or value on creating good, insightful content, from trusted online content creators like Nao Media. Contact us at today for more information.


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