What We’ve Been Up To: Planning for Success in 2016

First, let me apologize for our silence as of late. Besides refining our purpose, mission, and vision, we’ve been in serious planning mode for the last two months. We thank God for this time for it’s been refreshing and productive. If you’re not planning for success in 2016, then I’m not sure why you’re in …

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How to Create Lasting Blog Content

We’ve previously discussed the importance of creating evergreen blog content. Creating lasting content is one of the key goals that Nao Media uses to create content for our clients. Evergreen content is the key to SEO success and getting on the first page of Google. We also pinpointed three factors of creating last content: timeless, niche, …

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Snapchat: Your Secret Marketing Weapon?

  On first look, using Snapchat as a marketing or branding tool seems preposterous. It’s a tool used by teens! Snapchats only last for 10 seconds! All our hard work will be gone and we won’t have anything to show for it! But let me rephrase those concerns: Snapchat is a tool used by millions …

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