Nao Picks: The Best Social Media Trends of 2014

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According to Doc Brown from Back to the Future, technology is falling short on many of its promises. For crying out loud its 2014. Where is my hover car?!

Lucky for us, there are some technological advancement that have been made that we can get excited about – specifically on the internet with social media. Bet Doc Brown didn’t see that comin’.

Being somewhat of a social media junkie, I’ve noticed quite a few improvements with my social media platforms.

Here are my favorite changes in social media for 2014:


Twitter has added a recommended accounts feature. This feature allows for you to follow similar accounts to the one that you already follow based on content. This allows users to make connections that they may not have been able to be make otherwise. Its genius! I’ve actually started following some pretty funny people this way!


This year, Instagram added video capability to its platform. 2014 has been the addition of the ability to record video. Instagram’s video feature is unique in that it allows users to record and upload video to the site, as opposed to other social media platforms. Instagram’s video feature is 15 seconds in duration with the editing possibility of adding filters and chopping the video’s length to create the perfect shot. Another fun thing is the hyper lapse video setting. In simple terms hyper lapse means we can take a ordinary video and speed up the process and make it look cooler. It’s definitely a must try if you have an iPhone!


My favorite addition of 2014 has been the option to unfollow activity on Facebook. The unfollow button is a simple way to ignore posts from a specific person or fan page that shares content that you just don’t like! The beauty of the unfollowing someone is that the person that you unfollow will never know! You still remain friends with the person; however you never have to see another post from them unless you decide to re-follow them.

Our social media platforms are becoming more and more dedicated to a personalized user experience,  whichI for one can genuinely appreciate. 2014 was a good year for content and I’m looking forward to what’s next!

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