Facebook boosted post vs ad

Facebook Boosted Post vs Ad: A Study on the Best Facebook Strategy

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platforms internationally. With over two billion people active on the social network, Facebook gives companies an ideal platform to advertise their business. In this article, I will be discussing the differences between two widely used advertising methods that Facebook offers: Facebook boosted post vs ad. …

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Social Media Strategy: Should Your Business Pay for Promoted Posts?

There was a large outcry earlier this Spring when Facebook began purposefully limiting the organic reach of the Pages feature used by companies as apart of their social media strategy. This change called for marketers to begin expanding their reach and online presence for a fee. Not thrilled with the decision, online marketers reasoned that …

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How to Develop a Content Strategy System

Content is the big social media buzzword of 2014. And whether you’re trying to sell windows or t-shirts, online content has two goals that play off each other: increase user interaction while building your brand (or your client’s brand) at the same time. Again, these strategies work hand in hand – your content needs to …

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5 Fearless Marketing & Branding Predictions for 2014

Put away the champagne and the confetti. 2013 was a year of significant developments in the marketing world that reflected larger changes in society. From simple things, such as micro-video and Snapchats, to larger ideas like Amazon Drones, it seems like every month has innovations that change the game. That’s what makes it almost impossible …

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