Facebook for Sports Marketing: Should Marketers Combine Them?

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Today we discuss why using Facebook for sports marketing is still a good idea.

Do you think using Facebook for sports marketing is a valid strategy? The Facebook doomsayers are definitely out in full force – Princeton’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering predicts that the social network will lose 80% of its users by 2017. Facebook isn’t cool with teens anymore, as they’ve moved onto to image based platforms like SnapChat. Even if those numbers are exaggerated, there’s no doubt that something has changed. Many marketers on Facebook have noticed that their posts aren’t reaching as many people as they used it as the company continues to tweak its formulas (Derek Muller, the subject of the article in question, says his posts only reach 9% of his audience).

With those numbers in mind, should sports marketers still use Facebook? Here are some issues to consider:

Facebook is moving into the news sector

As this post on Slate says, Facebook is turning into a news feed. And not the type of “news feed” that people associate with the platform, but one featuring real news, in addition to (or a replacement of) photos of cats and status updates. This is Facebook’s attempt to become a global water cooler.

Facebook will tweak their formulas

The various predictions of Facebook’s doom don’t take into account the ingenuity and response from Facebook engineers. The company will continue to change their formulas to grow with the times. And as for teens leaving the platform, maybe the “new Facebook” with hashtags and an emphasis on news isn’t for teens, but to keep an older generation engaged.

Facebook has strong groups

One of Facebook’s biggest strengths is the Group page option. While traffic for normal site pages are down, the Group pages still remain a vibrant place for engagement. Anyone can post topics and anyone can comment. This is the closest thing to a water cooler Facebook has.

Take advantage of Facebook Graph Searches

Facebook Graph Searches are a way for people to search their network to discover local recommendations. Marketers can take advantage of this form of SEO through small tips, such as creating unique URLs for posts, and filling out business information as location plays a key role in search hits.

As with all social networks, the key term is engagement. If a community is engaged, the platform is secondary. But one must keep in mind the new rules, and shape content towards that. Facebook is constantly making changes, and marketers must adjust as well. If you or your company needs help creating content for Facebook, consider partnering with Nao Media.

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