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Since its inception in February 2004, Facebook has changed the world and the way we live. Whether just “checking in” or looking to spend hours online,  Facebook has become apart of our daily internet routine.

We’re all familiar with Facebook’s popularity in relation to social networking, but what about using Facebook in a more professional manner? Can you use Facebook for business? As a matter of fact, you can! If you own your own business it’s important to consider Facebook, and more specifically a Facebook Fan Page, as an integral part of your marketing strategy.

A lot of business owners are accustomed to a traditional business plan. Some owners don’t feel comfortable with transitioning to a contemporary model. But in a modern business environment, it’s crucial to not only understand the influence of digital marketing, but to adapt to an online content strategy. We’re here to share with you just how beneficial a Facebook Fan Page can be to you, your business and your customers. Check out some of the most compelling reasons to begin using a Fan Page below:


The impact Facebook has over internet is almost too much to wrap your head around. The site translates into more than 70 languages and the total number of active monthly Facebook users is rounding out to be a whopping $1.3 billion worldwide. Now that’s an audience!


With Facebook having membership numbers that large, think about all the opportunity your business has to be seen just by having a Fan Page. The large audience alone can drive website traffic if you link your Fan Page to your website. Even the smallest amounts of views could lead to more clicks and a substantial increase in website traffic.


The average online consumer often leaves a page within 10-20 seconds. What’s the average time spent on Facebook per visit? Eighteen minutes. This is a large difference when considering the average online consumer with the World Wide Web at their fingertips.


A Facebook Fan Page can improve your business’ SEO factor. Many of the large search engines are now indexing content created on sites like Facebook. Better SEO means your Fan Page could show up on favorable search engine results for your business.


A Facebook Fan Page provides the perfect platform for customers to share information about the quality of your business’ product or service. Although it may not always be positive,  it’s beneficial for companies to read the real-time responses. A Fan Page acts as a direct connection between your brand and your audience. If properly managed, it can be a great tool to better understanding and serving your customers needs.


Who doesn’t love free PR? A Fan Page provides a free, online outlet for prospects, customers, future employees, vendors, and even media to learn more about (and hopefully “like”) your company.

Now that you know why a Fan Page is a great marketing tool, we hope you’re encouraged to want to start using it to grow your business. For more information about what kind of content to use on your Fan Page or for help with Fan Page maintenance, contact us and let’s discuss how we can work together to build your online presence.

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