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But First, Let's Understand the Selfie

SELFIES GO VIRAL What is the most retweeted tweet of all time? What was the most viral content of 2014? What do the previous two questions have in common? The answer to both is a selfie. Ellen’s selfie at the Oscar’s with a group of nominated actors and actresses, to be more specific. A selfie […]

7 Tips to Running an Effective Social Media Strategy

The following post is a guest post from social media marketing professional, Lisa Henderson of Simply Social_LA. You’ve heard  great things about integrating social media into your business. You’ve heard all about it’s benefits and you’re thinking you’re ready to go for it.  BUT, where do you start? The world of social media can be a […]

Chris Craft's Guide to a Content Marketing Plan

Chris Craft dishes on content marketing plan success. 2014 is the year of Craft – Chris Craft that is! Chris has done it again. First, he proved his digital marketing prowess by being named one of’s 70 Rising Social Media Stars. Social media veterans and content marketing professionals such as Shelly Kramer, Lee Odden, Joe Pulizzi, Mari […]

The Truth about Social (From a Social Media Consultant!)

Although social media is now an integral part of strategic marketing, there are still some professionals who are afraid to make the leap into the digital platform.  Some traditional marketers still have their doubts about creating a social media strategy for their company or brand. Those doubts are mainly fueled from the wealth of misconceptions […]

facebook fan page

Become a Fan of the Facebook Fan Page

Since its inception in February 2004, Facebook has changed the world and the way we live. Whether just “checking in” or looking to spend hours online,  Facebook has become apart of our daily internet routine. We’re all familiar with Facebook’s popularity in relation to social networking, but what about using Facebook in a more professional […]

online marketing mistakes

The 5 Most Common Online Marketing Mistakes

We’ve previously stated that in order for any brand to survive in this day and age,  they MUST  have an online presence. Keeping up with the latest online trends is an integral part of the modern business’ marketing plan. Transitioning your business from traditional marketing strategies (advertorials, radio spots, flyers) to the digital era (YouTube tutorials, Facebook Fan […]

5 Ways to Create Unique & Engaging Blog Content

Raise your hand if you love french fries? *raises both hands*  Raise your hand if you would want to eat french fries every day? As much as we love fries, we know that eating the same thing all the time would not only be wildly unhealthy, but also, kinda boring. Much like our eating habits, […]