online marketing mistakes

The 5 Most Common Online Marketing Mistakes

We’ve previously stated that in order for any brand to survive in this day and age,  they MUST  have an online presence. Keeping up with the latest online trends is an integral part of the modern business’ marketing plan. Transitioning your business from traditional marketing strategies (advertorials, radio spots, flyers) to the digital era (YouTube tutorials, Facebook Fan …

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Pinterest Social Marketing Strategy

Pinterest and Your Social Marketing Strategy

Social media is dominating the digital marketing scene and the online photo sharing platform Pinterest  is becoming  a popular tool  for companies to include in their social marketing strategy to grow their business. When formatting a  social marketing strategy, most content marketers go for the usual suspects (Facebook, Twitter and Google+).  But with over 70 million …

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Why Your Business Blog Needs Evergreen Content

We’ve already established that blogging is an integral part of any business’ content marketing strategy, but once you decide to start blogging, how do you determine the type of content your business blog should publish? As content creators, we at Nao Media know that there’s no one answer to that question. There’s a myriad of possibilities of what type of content …

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How to Develop a Content Strategy System

Content is the big social media buzzword of 2014. And whether you’re trying to sell windows or t-shirts, online content has two goals that play off each other: increase user interaction while building your brand (or your client’s brand) at the same time. Again, these strategies work hand in hand – your content needs to …

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Nao Youtube

Why You Should Be on YouTube

Storytelling and content creation takes all different forms. While the most popular medium of content is written (blogging), there’s numerous ways to get your brand’s story into the world. One oft look, but potentially lucrative alternative to blogging is creating video content on YouTube. Watching a YouTube video is a different experience than reading a …

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