Why Your Business Blog Needs Evergreen Content

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We’ve already established that blogging is an integral part of any business’ content marketing strategy, but once you decide to start blogging, how do you determine the type of content your business blog should publish? As content creators, we at Nao Media know that there’s no one answer to that question. There’s a myriad of possibilities of what type of content could get used on your business blog. However, there is one often overlooked genre that every business should incorporate into their blogging cache. That underutilized genre is evergreen content.

True to the title, evergreen blog content stays valuable year round with little to no need to update it’s information. This form of blogging can be referenced long after the original publish date while still being considered of worth to the reader. So what can be classified as evergreen blog content? Typically, evergreen content contains the following characteristics:

  • Timeless: as previously mentioned, content that is deemed evergreen has to have longevity. Sometimes an evergreen post could require a few minor edits or updates, but in general evergreen content is permanent and everlasting.

  • Niche: the best evergreen content is on the topic in which your business is the authority.  Lending your expertise provides a definitive stance on the topic,  a detailed look into why your business is qualified to speak on the subject and a peek at how your services can help.

  • Relevant: blog content has to grab the attention of the reader, so it’s crucial that evergreen content is valuable and quality enough to draw the reader in. If a blog post failed to connect with your target audience through page views, interactions through comments or otherwise, it cannot be evergreen.

Now that we know what evergreen content is, we still need clarity on why it is important to business. In short, evergreen content is important because it is the gift that keeps on giving; working long after the post was initially published. Businesses that incorporate evergreen content into their content marketingstrategy have the upperhand over those who only post trending, on-the-spot news breaking pieces. Of the moment blog posts quickly become old and irrelevant and won’t drive traffic to your blog or website once that hot topic expires. Using evergreen content guarantees that pertinent information will garner consistent interest for days, weeks, months and even years to come. Below are the three main benefits that evergreen content can lend to a blog:

  • Ideal SEO Placement: due to the relevance and eternal use of evergreen material,  evergreen blog content will generally rank very high in search engines. A well optimized blog post with keywords relevant to the evergreen content will ensure that readers will find what they’re looking for and that your business blog is on their radar.

  • Increased Web Traffic: Great SEO means better placement, which means your post gets found more, which then means that continuous traffic is coming into your blog and website. This is crucial because with evergreen content not expiring, readers can access your blog long after its original release and your blog will continue to see a steady stream of viewers.

  • Lead Generation: a well optimized blog that’s bringing in a continual traffic flow will in turn start to generate leads over time. An evergreen blog post is a powerful tool in helping to draw leads from pieces that were written and published ages ago.

Nao Media understands that when it comes to content marketing, quality is better than quantity and that it’s more efficient to work smarter as opposed to working harder. In a fast paced marketing world, evergreen content allows for consistent, timeless content to be delivered while your business reaps the benefits of SEO, web traffic and the opportunity to gain leads over time. Obviously, evergreen content isn’t the only type of content your business blog can publish, but it’s a great standard to use and an excellent way to mix up content creation. Start changing up the way your business blog develops valuable and insightful content.  Contact us at connect@naomedia.co to begin the process of creating your online content strategy!

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