The 5 Free Twitter Tools To Start Using Right Now

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Social media has taken over the way we communicate online and the way we conduct business. For those of us who have multiple social media accounts,  juggling how, when and where we post on these sites could drive even the most internet savvy person mad. Lucky for us, there is a way to lessen the load when it comes to managing our Twitter account. Here are the top 5 free Twitter tools to help us get the most out of our tweets:

1. Hootsuite

Probably the most popular of social media tools Hootsuite is ideal for social media management.  Hootsuite allows users to manage up to 5 social media profiles at a time and is a lifesaver when it comes to scheduling posts. Hootsuite also has a built-in link shortener to help keep content within 140 characters, which can come in handy when tracking links. Search hashtags, Twitter lists and mentions with ease from the column style dashboard. Not sitting in front of a computer? No problemo, Hootsuite comes with a mobile app that allows you to post on the go. Hootsuite does offer a paid version that supplies more in-depth analytics and the capability to work with your team members, however the free version works just as fine.

2. Friend or Follow

Twitter is all about community building and engagement and as your circle begins to grow, you should start to use Friend or Follow to help with the growth process. Friend or Follow is a product that allows  users to manage their followers. Users can mass unfollow inactive accounts and search followers to see who is and who is not following their Twitter account.  Think of Friend or Follow as a housekeeping tool – it helps to keep your Twitter house neat and clean by managing your following and followers.

3. Buffer

Buffer is a social media tool that’s related to Hootsuite; it’s like its 1st cousin in tweet posting. The Buffer app is a browser-based content output. It allows users to scroll content and with the click of a button, post it to their Twitter account. Buffer makes for easy sharing without having to browse the web for the ideal content topic. Like Hootsuite, Buffer offers a paid upgraded account, but we’re pretty sure you can get the job done without having to break out your wallet.

4. Twitter Advanced Search

This suggestion may be slightly cheating, since it isn’t a separate tool or app, but it is a great free resource to manage your Twitter. Once logged into Twitter, search content using Twitter’s Advanced Search feature. From here you can search tweets within specific areas and genres while also interacting with those who are posting about that same topic. Building community while growing your reach? For free? Sounds like a win/win to us…

5. Tweet Reach

If tweeting for a business, capturing analytics is a key part of a digital content strategy. TweetReach is a Twitter  tool that can provide reports about hashtags, topics, Twitter accounts or URLs. Activity reports monitor the metrics on your brand’s reach, exposure, tweets and contributors to help you better predict the next steps for your social media strategy.

What free tools are you using to manage your Twitter account?

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