innovative healthcare marketing ideas - how to get more patients

How to Get More Patients: 8 Innovative Healthcare Marketing Ideas

Innovative healthcare marketing ideas are crucial because the need for doctors, surgeons, and pharmaceuticals is always there and the public has to know where to get quality medical help. Just like the world of healthcare, marketing is always evolving, so it’s going to be beneficial for your healthcare organization to spruce things up a bit. …

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Pinterest Social Marketing Strategy

Pinterest and Your Social Marketing Strategy

Social media is dominating the digital marketing scene and the online photo sharing platform Pinterest  is becoming  a popular tool  for companies to include in their social marketing strategy to grow their business. When formatting a  social marketing strategy, most content marketers go for the usual suspects (Facebook, Twitter and Google+).  But with over 70 million …

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4 Ways to Turn Your Clients Into Influencers

  Influence marketing is all the rage right now for brands — and for good reason. If you get an influencer on your brand’s side, the possibilities for generating more business are multiplied. Consumers trust those social networking superstars because of their reputation for recommending great products, and brands trust them to spread their positive opinions …

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The Marketing Power of Memes in Sports

Memes are hard to ignore online, which is why you shouldn’t miss out on including them in your social media sports marketing mix. What is a meme, you wonder? A “meme”,” rhyming with “theme,” is a cultural symbol or social idea that is compelling and shared. It often includes wit and illustration that references current …

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Does LinkedIn Fit Into Your Marketing Strategy? You May Be Surprised

The professional social media network LinkedIn has made big strides in creating a brand-friendly space. With the recent addition of company pages, the opportunities for brands in both the sports and entertainment marketing field are endless. Here are ways to optimize your company’s presence, as well as your client’s brand, on LinkedIn. 1. Simple is …

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