Guess Who's Become Major Marketing Spenders? Women Business Owners

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According to a survey conducted by and National Association of Women Business Owners, some 81% of women business owners (WBOs) say they’re optimistic about their business performance in 2013 —  66% of them are more optimistic than they were last year. Additionally, 73% plan to invest more in marketing in 2013.

When asked about their marketing investments in 2013, more than one-half (54.3%) of WBOs noted that their website was a “very important” priority, 35.9% said it was social media marketing that was the most important, 35.7% cited search engine optimization, and 19.9% said that mobile was a very important investment priority in 2013.

Subjects were also asked to reveal the marketing tactics that they felt would provide the greatest value for their business, and 52% of WBOs ranked website design and maintenance as “very valuable.” Social media and SEO together ranked second at 37.9% and email marketing came in last at 25.2%.

WBOs are betting on social media and search in terms of budget in the near future, saying that 44.4% of them are focused on social media and SEO as the “future of small business marketing,” 15.4% say they’re concentrating on website design and maintenance, and 11.2% say the future of marketing is in mobile.

To turn these big spenders into clients for your marketing agency, highlight your SEO experience, site content management, social media, and mobile strengths.

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