Does LinkedIn Fit Into Your Marketing Strategy? You May Be Surprised

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The professional social media network LinkedIn has made big strides in creating a brand-friendly space. With the recent addition of company pages, the opportunities for brands in both the sports and entertainment marketing field are endless. Here are ways to optimize your company’s presence, as well as your client’s brand, on LinkedIn.

1. Simple is the Secret Weapon

One of the easiest things you can do for your company or clients is to get involved in Groups. Search for groups that are relevant to your focus, and join conversations that reinforce your brand, allowing you to meet future clients and/or partners. You can also start your own group and invite members to join for the same reasons. Showing off your expertise in these forums will encourage people to view you as an authority in the space and entice them to work with you.

Next, start answering and asking questions to the people you are connected to in the space. This can be one of the most effective ways to generate new business. The goal is to get your profile listed as an expert in your industry by the conversations your inquiries and recommendations spark.

Finally, create a company profile if you haven’t already. Company profile pages on Linkedin are a great tool to tell your client’s or your company’s story, highlighting values that set the brand apart from competitors. Let the company culture  shine through by using descriptive language that will linger in the minds of readers, and use your company page to post engaging status updates, images, and links to your followers. This will help the organization stand out among the competition to potential collaborators.

2. Optimize Your Company Page for Branded and Non-Branded LinkedIn Searches

SEO isn’t only important for your website. You should consider it just as crucial on LinkedIn. Start by taking the the top branded and non-branded search terms you would use on Google, and then type them into the LinkedIn search box using the Company filter. How well does your brand name rank? The more unique your brand name, the better off you will be in LinkedIn search results. Be sure your most important branded and non-branded search terms are included throughout your company page.

3. Review Your Employee List

It’s a good idea to review your list of employees and their individual profiles, including their job titles, skills and expertise. You want to be sure their profiles are professional and represent your brand well. Improving their personal profiles will help both the organization and their individual, professional image. If your company’s employee profiles are lacking, explain your goals to them and offer a workshop on tips for improvement.

Also, you’ll want to make sure each employee is associated with the Company Page because the larger your company is, the better it will serve your page on LinkedIn. For example, when you view individual employee profiles, the user is sent to the Company Page when they click the company name. More traffic means more exposure to your brand.

The tools are all there for the taking when it comes to growing your brand on LinkedIn. It’s not all just about finding new jobs and connecting with coworkers. It’s an excellent way to tout your expertise, reinforce your brand values, and align your clients with the right partners.

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