4 Ways to Turn Your Clients Into Influencers

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Influence marketing is all the rage right now for brands — and for good reason. If you get an influencer on your brand’s side, the possibilities for generating more business are multiplied. Consumers trust those social networking superstars because of their reputation for recommending great products, and brands trust them to spread their positive opinions as they convert followers into customers. To position your client as an influencer, follow these four guidelines.

1. Make Your Client Personable

If your client is a company and not an athlete or entertainment celebrity, a face must be associated with it in order for consumers to relate. Help your client be genuine and consult with them on how to offer real insight and advice that is relevant to the specific audience. This authenticity is the first step in becoming an influencer.

2. Don’t Just Follow, Lead

A great way to start leading is to follow other leaders first. See what influencers in other industries are doing that works and avoid mimicking things that don’t. Next, add your own personality and angle to the topics that make it very clear your stance and unique sharing style. This will begin to position you as a trendsetter, growing your following and influence.

3. Remember, Quality Over Quantity

You cannot become an influencer if your followers don’t trust you. So, when stating your opinion, be sincere and also provide all the facts or research to encourage your followers to form their own opinions. This will only reinforce your authority and authenticity. Also, be careful of who or what you endorse. Know that if you support low quality services, you may be considered guilty by association and lose your credibility.

4. Treat Competitors with Respect

It’s simply good business practice to be respectful of your competition. By supporting your industry as a whole, everyone benefits, and it makes your followers respect you that much more. Congratulate competitors and play by the rules. It won’t go unnoticed by your followers nor will their support for you go unacknowledged by you.

Now you’re ready to reap the benefits of being an influencer, transforming fans into seriously loyal consumers.

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