4 Content Marketing Mistakes in Sports

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Some marketers may think content marketing is easy, but making mistakes in such an important facet of marketing is even easier. We’ve put together four common mistakes made by content marketers so that you can avoid the pitfalls and be a sports marketing rock star when creating content.


1. Valuing Quantity Over Quality

Lots of marketers focus on churning out content quickly rather than working hard to make the content meaningful. To make sure the quality of the posts don’t suffer, keep certain elements of successful storytelling in mind like inspirational stories and solutions that solve a common problem.

2. Focusing Only on Blog Content

A good content strategy doesn’t end with your blog. Being engaging on the appropriate social media channels, including Twitter and Instagram since both are heavily used by sports brands, is just as important. This is especially true when considering the fact that search engines are now placing more emphasis on social media presence and popularity.

To determine which complementary networks you should also being providing content for, think about the way in which you want your particular sports marketing content shared. Assets could include video, documents, slide and infographics. Also consider the leverage of a third-party advocate. Guest posting is a great way to expand exposure.

3.  Pushing Only Positive and Promotional Messages

Most people will agree that selling during a social event is a turn off. The same concept applies to content strategy. Since a content marketing strategy uses mainly social-media friendly spaces to disperse information, it’s crucial that the information you present is more helpful or interesting than it is commercial.

Don’t talk your visitor’s ear off and don’t turn them off with a sales pitch. Share information with them and discuss relevant topics with them in order to keep their attention and convey the authenticity that they would look for in a friend in similar social situations.

4. Forgetting to Measure Results

The only way to know what you’re doing right, so that you can keep it up, and what you’re doing wrong – so that you can fix it – is to measure the results of your content marketing strategy.

Metrics can be a daunting word to some. But, with clear goals and the appropriate measuring tools, you’ll be able to determine which posts and topics have made the biggest impact on customers and why.

A few stats to look for when measuring are: click-through rates, time spent on site, bounce rate and unique visitors are all sales-focused metrics.


Keeping these traps in mind will help you to work around them, forming a plan that works. By creating a strong content marketing strategy, your sports brands will receive the traction you’re working so hard (and spending so much money) to achieve. Stick to your objectives and stay consistent. Then, you’ll see the positive results you’re looking for.


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