Blog Writers, Recharge Your Battery!

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Those of us blog writers who write for a living know that writer’s block is a real thing.  Exhaustion from clients or frustration with issues in our personal lives can drain our brain power and make it almost impossible for us to type one more letter or think of one more synonym.  When the frustration of writer’s block starts to affect our quality of work, it’s time to recharge our blog writer’s battery. Below are 5 tips to help us beat writer’s fatigue and keep our brains from burning out:


1. Step Away from Your Desk!

Blog writers know that tweaking a word or two can make a world of difference in their work. So why not make a tweak to where you work to encourage a different way you think? Changing your work scenery can inspire a creativity you didn’t have before.  Switch it up and try working from a coffee shop or a coworking space to spark some brain activity.


2. Get it Out and Write it Down

A writer’s mind is overflowing with ideas.  Rather than trying to internally decipher which ideas are worth pursuing, take the time to sort out all the thoughts that are running through your brain.  Write your ideas  down to help keep you focused. Seeing  thoughts on paper (or on screen) can help blog writers prioritize when and how to start writing.


3. Take a Break Blog Writers

Everyone could use a vacation. Treat your hardworking brain and tired fingers to a designated day once a week that has nothing to do with writing. Leave the keyboard alone and go shopping or see a movie – do anything that doesn’t require your skills as blog writers. Taking a break will  stop you from writing 24/7 and will replenish your mind to put out your best work.


4. Clear the Clutter

A junky physical environment is a reflection of how all over the place our brains are and its extremely difficult to write in such conditions.  Cut through the chaos of a messy workplace.  A messy workplace equals a messy mind that turns out messy work. Clear your desk to encourage more concise thought patterns for your brain to function.


5. Write Just Because

Sometimes blog writers get so caught up in writing for a living, they lose their passion and writing slowly just becomes a job.  Release your mind from work mode every now and then and begin to write for leisure. Write in a diary or freewrite about something that has nothing to do with work. Don’t ever forget why you fell in love with writing and decided to pursue a career as a writer.



What are some ways you beat writer’s fatigue?

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