The 9 Secret Online Marketing Weapons Every Dentist Needs to Use Now

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Recently, I went to my dentist in Tyrone GA for a check up and teeth cleaning. As a connoisseur of all things digital marketing, I started thinking about digital marketing for dentists while I was sitting in my dentist’s lobby. As a dentist in Newnan GA, if you’re not marketing online, you’re doing your practice a disservice.

This article breaks down nine reasons every dentist in Newnan GA Every dentist in Newnan GA that desires to expand their business should invest in digital marketing. Successfully executing a digital marketing plan will help you increase your exposure and profitability. But how will you go about it?

Big Opportunities for Digital Marketing for Dentists

I know you’re busy. I’m surprised that you have time to read this article! But that’s the exact reason why this article is so important. Excellent digital marketing will save you time and money. Your practice will be marketed while you’re asleep…and you will be able to measure the success of your digital marketing campaigns  Here are the big topics that will be covered in this article:

  • Blogging
  • Google My Business
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook
  • Online Reviews
  • YouTube
  • Email Marketing
  • Measurement
  • The PEACE Model

1. A Great Blog Will Help You Stand Out

Developing a strong web presence through blogging and SEO is the first thing you need to know about digital marketing for dentists. Google owns 63.5 percent of all search engine queries (according to Search Engine Land). Google is where people go to learn new things and discover which dental professional they will trust with their teeth!

Producing a blog filled with engaging and educational content will lead to organic traffic growth and more leads. It’s up to you to fill your dental blog with first-rate content so that you can attract your target audience — whether you write it yourself or outsource the writing and publishing to professional blog writers.

Let’s not ignore the power of having your content shared by your patients and other readers. Great dental blog content will encourage your readers to share it via social media and email. People who are genuinely looking for a great dentist in their area will consider you first because your content will keep your practice top-of-mind.

Need blog content? 

Call on Nao Media to write traffic generating blog content for your practice.

2. Google My Business Gives You Free Web Traffic

One of the best ways to approach digital marketing for dentists is to encourage your patients to leave a review on Google. Unfortunately, many people only leave negative reviews when unprompted. Most patients with positive experiences don’t think about leaving reviews. This is why it’s important to be intentional about asking for reviews and testimonials from all of your patients.

Power tip: Reply to the negative reviews online and show that you are willing to engage your patients to a resolution.

The Google My Business platform is a dentist’s dream. Google My Business is your hub for updating your company’s listing on the search engine. There you can post and update your office hours, any deals or specials, and more. But the most important feature is the ability to track and review the reviews left by your patients. We all know the importance of social proof in buying decisions. According to a study by RevLocal, it only takes one to six online reviews for 68 percent of potential patients to form an opinion about your dental practice. So the proof is clear: you have to be diligent in collecting online reviews and publishing patient testimonials.

3. Google Ads Increase Your Presence and Traffic

Another way to increase your web presence is to advertise with Google Ads. Advertising online will cost you pennies on the dollar of what you would likely use to conduct traditional advertising. Targeting your demographic has never been easier or more affordable. Google makes it easy to onboard onto their Google Ads platform, but it would be smart to engage a professional ads copywriter and ad manager to handle search engine advertising for you.

Additionally, an overwhelming majority of people who shop for specific goods and services will use the web to do so. Connecting with potential patients through Google Ads is one of the smartest decisions you can make.

4. Everyone’s on Facebook

With 68 percent of all social media users, Facebook is one of the most popular and commonly used social media sites in the world. As a dentist in Newnan GA, your practice must have a page where helpful information is shared and reviews are posted. Also, your page will be needed for boosting Facebook posts and running Facebook ads. You can reach thousands of people with a single post far more easily and effectively than you could with an ad in the paper.

With diligent use of Facebook, you can create viral content that can give your practice a major boost. People like nothing more than to like, comment on, and share posts that catch their eye. Just know that presence on Facebook is largely pay-to-play so you need to engage a smart digital marketing partner to help you navigate the waters.

5. Positive Online Reviews Will Produce More Patients

Digital marketing for dentists has taken many new forms over the past few years, but social proof and the opinions of others will always be a big driver of business. We already covered Google reviews, but other online review sources like Facebook, Yelp, and dental review directories (i.e. Healthgrades) are great places for your practice to gain exposure and attract new patients.

These popular review sites and apps are getting major exposure in Google organic search results. If you were to Google “dentist in Atlanta”, Yelp is the first organic result under the Google Map! Take control of the impression that you make online by advertising on Yelp and encouraging your patients to leave a review there.

6. People Love Watching YouTube Videos

After Google, YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. This means that making a full library of YouTube videos for your practice is one of the best ways to gain new exposure. People like watching videos to learn about dental issues, dental care tips, hygiene, and procedures. You can do videos on basic topics like the best method for brushing your teeth. 

Check out this excellent teeth brushing tutorial video below for an example: 

7. Email Marketing Helps Keep You in People’s Minds

Keep your patients updated with periodic emails. You should encourage all of your patients to subscribe to your email list as part of your patient check-in process. While not many people really enjoy going to see a dentist, your patients and prospects will appreciate getting free dental care and hygiene tips from you via email.

Power Tip: If you’ve done a good job with keeping your blog updated with good content, you can use the same content for your email newsletter. Promote your video content to your email list as well. Just don’t create extra work for yourself!

Have a bit of fun with your email list subscribers. Host a monthly contest and give out prizes. This will keep you fresh in people’s minds and encourage them to have a much more positive outlook of coming in for a visit.

8. It’s Difficult to Measure the Success of Print Ads

In the “caveman” days before the internet was invented, dentists had to rely on print advertising to gain exposure for their practice. Experienced or retired dentists from that time can tell you just how hit and miss this practice really was.

It’s very difficult to measure the success of print ads if there’s not a coupon or QR code involved. This is because you can’t gauge their effects by comparing them back-to-back the way you can with Google ads, Facebook ads, or YouTube videos.

Online advertising can increase your chances to get major traction for your practice with a single campaign! We highly suggest that you try digital advertising as soon as your can.

9. The PEACE Model Meets Every Digital Marketing Need

PEACE Model for Holistic Marketing

Our PEACE Model — Presence, Earned media, Advertising, Content, Engagement — serves as an excellent encapsulation of all of our efforts on your behalf. This is a fully-integrated digital marketing approach that is designed to give you the ultimate exposure.

If you would like to learn more about the PEACE Model and see it in action, fill out our digital marketing questionnaire today. We want every dentist in Newnan GA to take advantage of the great opportunities that digital marketing present. Are you ready?

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