Engagement: Building Relationships in Church

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Building relationships in church is essential to a growing congregation. In a fallen world, Satan is constantly trying to drive us off the God-pleasing course. Having strong relationships with your congregation will sustain church attendance, provide accountability partnerships and allow church members to develop the tools to handle the God-less world around them.

Know that you are broken

We are all broken. As a leader in the church, you are a cheerleader for your congregation because as scripture says, Jesus is the bridegroom and as His believers and the body of the church, we are his bride. It is a beautiful image. As His bride, we become a multitude of congregations spread out all over the world. Within these congregations, we have to seek each other out to build close relationships so that we can deepen our personal relationship with God.

Now, to build relationships in your church you must attend church. We are not perfect. It’s hard to not stay in your jammies on a Sunday and climb into bed with a hot coffee and watch your church service live on television. But we must fight the urge because it is not only pleasing to God, but it will benefit you!

You are a member or a part of the body of Christ. Body parts are supposed to be connected to each other. A body part that’s separated from the rest of the body is not normal and will eventually die.

Greeting time is the best time

Don’t lie, you turn immediately to your family members when the greeting is called at the beginning of a church service to avoid the hand-shaking with strangers. It’s okay, germs are everywhere. Greeting time is a great time to initiate a relationship within the church. If you’re an introvert, challenge yourself to approach someone and begin a short conversation. Try to find the same person(s) after service and invite them to dinner with your family or a church event if they’re a new visitor.

Small groups build accountability

Small groups are a great way to start a connection with other church members. They are divided into specific sections tailor-made for any life scenario: married, single, parent, college student, etc. Small groups allow people to connect, share prayer requests with each other, and encourage one another based on each other’s life experiences.

It’s so much easier to go through a struggle when someone else is holding your hand saying, “Hey, I’ve been there and it’s going to be okay.” When you’re surrounded by people who present their faith as an important part of their life, your faith in God will grow stronger…protecting you from Satan’s devices. Small groups are great for forming and nurturing relationships that are centered on Christ-centered accountability.. And accountability gives encouragement to attend church.


When you have relationships with other members, you can openly discuss sermons and how they helped you. New resolutions are made and it’s like the muggy light over your eyes has been lifted. Hope in Christ and His return increases. A relationship with other church members can and will strengthen your life and a congregation as a whole.

Building relationships in church that are strong and God-fearing will also improve your relationships outside of the church and ultimately help you to strive to become a better person. Keep Satan away! Build strong church relationships and protect yourself and your fellow church members. May God bless you and your church.

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