content writing workflow

Content Writing Workflow – 7 Steps for Content Creation Excellence

A content writing workflow separates awesome copywriters from the average. A well-implemented content writing workflow is great for all parties who are involved in the process of content creation and marketing. It gives a writing team a system for writing organized web-ready content. And it gives a client what they desire: transparency of the writing …

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Critical Success Factors For Project Managers (Part 2)

In Part 1 of the Critical Success Factors for Project Managers (PMs), I covered the first three critical success factor categories (CSFCs) of Global Factors, External Influences, and Internal Influences. Communication served as the dominating theme of the first three CSFCs. Below are activities/factors that relate to the categories of Risk Reduction, Performance, and Cultural Influences. As a reminder, I …

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Critical Success Factors For Project Managers (Part 1)

Recently, I introduced a research exercise to my Project Management Implementation class called critical success factor category (CSFC) analysis. We used the basic tenets of this technique as a method for brainstorming activities that lead to the success of a project from the perspective of the project manager. While there are other categories typically associated with …

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