9 Ways Your Blog Content and Twitter Should be a Perfect Marriage

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If you’re not using your blog content and Twitter together to enhance your brand, you should be. Your blog content and Twitter should be a dynamic duo. When these two things work together, it’s a match made in social media heaven! Just like a marriage, your blog and Twitter content should be a team. Each individual plays a special role and balances out each other’s strengths and weaknesses. When your Twitter and blog are able to do this seamlessly, your brand becomes unstoppable. Your Twitter and blog content should:

Be a True Reflection of Each Other.

Twitter is a reflection of your blog. If your tweets are dry and impersonal, then people will assume your blog is too. On the contrary, if your tweets are fun and exciting and your blog is boring, you may have gotten them to your site but they won’t be coming back. Be careful and take the steps needed to improve how your networks mirror each other. The more you improve their reflectivity, the clearer your brand becomes to your audience.

Stay updated on Current Trends.

Your Twitter and your blog content should be talking about current topics relevant to your brand. It could possibly spark a Twitter chat; but most importantly, it allows the public to identify you as a reliable source of information. Staying up to date on current trends also increases your chances of gaining new readers. Who doesn’t love something fresh and new?

Always Generate Buzz about Your Brand.

It’s important to get your name out there and start introducing your brand to the public. Participating in Twitter chats helps generate buzz about your brand. It helps build your credibility and allows you to expand your audience. Your blog will also increase brand awareness when you share top quality content that garners favorites and retweets.

Gain Useful Information from Your Target Demographic.

Using Twitter to find out the wants and needs of your target demographic can help you improve your blog content. This makes you a better resource to them. Research your audience by going through your timeline and mentions. Make note of things that seem to be of interest and of importance to your audience then use that information to make your blog content better.

Make Business Contacts.

Twitter is an awesome way to find and network with someone who could be a valuable asset to the growth of your brand. Twitter allows you to connect with and engage possible business contacts and develop a relationship that might blossom into a successful business opportunity. Your blog content plays a role in solidifying the contact. People will judge you based on the content on your blog. If your blog is well written and professional, people will be more willing to work with you. Simply put, Twitter makes the deal and your blog content seals the deal.

Spark Curiosity in Your Audience.

If sparked correctly, genuine curiosity will bring people to your blog. When promoting your blog content via Twitter, write tweets in a way that leaves the audience wanting more. The tweet should be so irresistible they can’t help but click on the link. However, your blog content should live up to the hype. Don’t let your followers feel like they wasted their time visiting your site. This will only make the public distrust your content.

Connect with Your Public.

Twitter is your personality that makes your blog seem more genuine. The more personable you are on Twitter, the easier it is to connect with your audience. Building a strong relationship with your audience strengthens your brand. It unlocks a level of trust between you and your followers and promotes brand loyalty. People will be more willing to click on your content if they feel like they’re connected to what your brand is about.

Present Yourself As An Expert.

There are plenty of ways to use Twitter and your blog content to present yourself as an expert. One of those ways is to answer all questions that come into your Twitter feed through @ messages or into your blog comments with the proper facts and sources. If it’s possible, use charts and statistics to make your answers more concrete.

Work To Keep Your Audience.

We live in a day and age where you can get information anywhere at anytime. There is no need to stay faithful to just one blog anymore. Now we have to work for that loyal commitment from a reader and it starts with being active on Twitter everyday. It’s important to keep your timeline active so you can start cultivating brand recognition with your followers. When people recognize your logo or your name, they are more likely to click on your link. However, that type of privilege only comes with consistency so keep at it!

Don’t be discouraged if your Twitter and blog content are not the dynamic duo right at this moment. Similar to a marriage, this takes a lot of practice and patience so don’t give up. It’s never too late to work out the kinks in your Twitter/blog content marriage. If you’d like to discuss this topic, shoot us an email!

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