Everything You Need to Know About Sponsored Content

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The concept of sponsored content differs from person to person, but it’s all relatively the same. Traditional advertisements such as billboards and display ads aren’t as big as they once were. This eventually led to the increasing usage of online marketing and sponsored content. This post will help explain to anyone who needs clarification on what exactly sponsored content is and why it is used.

What is Sponsored Content?

Sponsored content at its most basic can be described as media used to influence the perception of the sponsoring brand. This information is usually useful and entertaining in a way to keep readers interested so they’ll keep reading. Sponsored content doesn’t typically say negative things about a certain brand rather it favors a brand in an attempt to increase its awareness.

Sponsored content can come in the form of short to medium to long blog posts, article content, and sometimes videos. It’s compatible on multiple channels and platforms for maximum exposure. It takes on the same quality and form as the original content from the medium’s publisher. One example of sponsored content would be a computer company trying to change the public’s perception of them as a company dedicated to helping people solve their technical problems and not just a company trying to sell you computers.

Why Use It?

Many companies hire content creation agencies to write their content for advertisement purposes. Content creation agencies specialize in above-average writing skills where most businesses lack. This allows these agencies to create interesting, engaging and appealing content for the brand’s audience. Most companies use sponsored content to help advertise their product and service where other types of advertising might fail. The main reason for using this type of advertising is to connect to the audience in a more engaging way than traditional ads can do.

Sponsored content can engage readers better than display ads because it comes in story form, which can be shared on social media for extra reach. This allows readers to comment, like, tweet and share the content with their friends and families. People can have conversations in the comment section and create relationships around the brand. These relationships are meant to strengthen the brand’s message with its readers.

Goal of Sponsored Content

The main goal of sponsored content is to raise awareness for the brand’s content and not to be used as a sales pitch. It does this by establishing connections and creating emotional bonds with the readers. Sponsored content tells a story about the brand so people can relate and feel more connected. If done correctly, sponsored content can increase the brand’s audience.

Good sponsored content puts the audience as the center of focus. It lets the audience create unique relationships with both the brand and other readers. It’s important to have creative sponsored content that is helpful to the readers. This form of advertisement is a great way to reach out to new customers. Daily readers of your brand’s sponsored content will eventually turn into daily customers.

Sponsored content is another great way to increase web traffic to the brand’s website. There are usually call-to-action links that lead directly to the brand’s website at the end of sponsored content. If readers like the content then they can click on the link to learn more about the brand. It’s the brand’s job to give readers a unique experience once they get to their site.

Current State of Sponsored Content

Since sponsored content provides great opportunities for brands to connect with their customers, it makes sense that the number of companies using sponsored content has increased in the last few years. A Media Buyer’s Guide to Sponsored Content revealed that 25 percent more people look at sponsored content than they do display ads.

A Content Promotion Manifesto showed that 6.7 percent of companies’ marketing budgets will be used on some form of sponsored content. Another report by eMarketer described how the usage of sponsored content has increased 22% between 2012 and 2013. The total amount of spending on sponsored content can soon reach $1.88 billion dollars.

As you can see, sponsored content can be very beneficial for a brand. It’s an effective way to share your brand’s content to start conversations, and drive engagement with your customers. If you need help creating sponsored content, simply contact us at Nao Media. We’ll work with you to create content that help your brand expand through story.

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