How Blogging on LinkedIn Can Transform Your Career

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LinkedIn is an interesting choice for blogging especially considering you weren’t even able to post long-form blog posts until earlier this year. This new blog feature is now available for every LinkedIn member. You might think twice about blogging on LinkedIn because of all the other options out there, but believe me when I tell you that there are benefits for blogging on LinkedIn. Let’s go through them shall we.

Helps You Establish Your Identity

Blogging on LinkedIn is a great way to establish your identity both as a person and as a brand. Similar to other social media sites, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to express your opinions and thoughts toward a particular topic. This gives others a chance to see your personality and your level of expertise.

Besides from giving opinions, you can and should blog about your professional and personal expertise. This is very important as it will show the unselfishness of your character. Remember, sharing is caring, so if you have any useful experiences you would like to share, this is the place to do so. All your posts on LinkedIn should help you build credibility and trust with your network.

If others like your experiences, personality, and skill in communicating your point then they’ll more likely want to connect with you. That’s the goal of using LinkedIn after all. Connections will build your network and increase any chances of getting more customers and/or possible mutual partnerships.

SEO/More Awareness

We all know how important SEO is, and blogging on LinkedIn will help you with just that. Blogs posted on LinkedIn will be searchable both inside and outside of the site, which will make your content (and business) easier to find. LinkedIn also categorizes their blog posts by topics so you know your posts are being seen by those who want to see it.

Blogging on LinkedIn is also an excellent way for you to get more awareness for your brand. LinkedIn is home to millions of professionals, which means your content will get more exposure among that specific demographic. The amount of exposure however will depend on the size of your network and the use of target SEO keywords. So make sure you write great content and use focused keywords to build your network.

Another way to get awareness for your LinkedIn blog is to get it featured on the different channels available. LinkedIn has channels on various topics including but not limited to leadership, economy, technology, and social media. Blog posts that are featured on these channels will get more views, likes and comments. There’s not really much you can do to get your content featured on these channels because LinkedIn uses an algorithm to determine which blogs will be on it. The algorithm does consist of some factors including SEO keywords and tags, so you can add those to your blogs to increase the chances of it being featured.

More Engagement

One of the things most people forget about LinkedIn is that it’s actually a social media website. And because it’s a social media site, it inherits the same advantages as other social media sites. LinkedIn serves as a way for you to engage with your professional audience and nurture relationships. People can and will comment on your blogs to strike up conversations and you must to respond to them in order for the blog to provide real value to you and your business.

Not only will blogging on LinkedIn increase audience engagement and create conversation, it will also let you connect your blog to other social media sites such as Facebook and Google Plus. People are always on social media, which means you’re able to market your brand 24/7 when blogging on LinkedIn. There’s nothing better than daily automated marketing.

Efficient for Small Business

Blogging on LinkedIn is a very effective way to get a small business extra exposure. Most small businesses find it easier to manage a blog on a social media site like LinkedIn than on their website. They compartmentalize the roles for social and the website, which makes sense to a certain extent. But this strategy, while more efficient for some businesses, can hurt your direct web traffic.

We’ve talked about how blogging on LinkedIn can get you more awareness, and more awareness is something that will make or break a small business. More views will lead to more followers, which should lead to more sales. Blogging on LinkedIn will help a small business generate leads and eventually more revenue. It also doesn’t take much technical skill to blog and engage on LinkedIn (though getting some guidance from Nao Media certainly would help). All you have to do is make an account and blog until your heart’s content.

If you haven’t already used LinkedIn for blogging, we suggest you start soon. Not only will it help you grow your business it will help you build relationships. Want to learn more about blogging on LinkedIn or need help writing content for LinkedIn? Contact Nao Media today and we’ll work with you to help you grow your business on and via LinkedIn.

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