Memes Part II & The Return of Zeddie Little

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Last week we discussed the cultural phenomenon known as the meme, and a recent takeoff of the “Ridiculously Photogenic Guy” meme. This week you need to know how the meme can actually be beneficial to your business when it comes to creating more social media engagement with fans, friends, and even clients.

When Wonderful Pistachios launched a campaign to promote their product, they leaned heavily on the widespread, cultural, and youthful appeal of tongue-in-cheek, meme-driven humor. These advertisements have featured everything and everyone from the Winklevoss twins (of Facebook fame) to the Honey Badger. The campaign is a perfect example of real businesses using this somewhat silly internet trend to their advantage. To employ this same kind of tactic in your own business – on any size scale – here are some meme rules to live by from’s Mike Lewis:

  • Know your audience and speak to them – know your audience’s tastes, triggers, and sense of humor.
  • Consider the meme’s relevance – is it so funny because it’s so true? Then go with it.
  • Pick something memorable and highly contagious – a good meme begs to be shared, and that could get your business added attention for being the one sharing it.
  • Understand that memes have a short lifespan – don’t lean on any one for too long. Use them judiciously and don’t lean on them for content or value.
  • Memes are not traditional marketing – understand this going in. If it doesn’t feel comfortable or natural, don’t do it.

Finally, are you having trouble getting that angelic face of the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy out of your head? Yeah, us too. Apparently Zeddie Little now knows about his own stardom and charm and Good Morning America had a chance to sit down with him and photographer / inadvertent meme-generator Will King. Enjoy!

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