7 Tips to Running an Effective Social Media Strategy

The following post is a guest post from social media marketing professional, Lisa Henderson of Simply Social_LA. You’ve heard  great things about integrating social media into your business. You’ve heard all about it’s benefits and you’re thinking you’re ready to go for it.  BUT, where do you start? The world of social media can be a …

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Social Media Strategy: Should Your Business Pay for Promoted Posts?

There was a large outcry earlier this Spring when Facebook began purposefully limiting the organic reach of the Pages feature used by companies as apart of their social media strategy. This change called for marketers to begin expanding their reach and online presence for a fee. Not thrilled with the decision, online marketers reasoned that …

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Pinterest Social Marketing Strategy

Pinterest and Your Social Marketing Strategy

Social media is dominating the digital marketing scene and the online photo sharing platform Pinterest  is becoming  a popular tool  for companies to include in their social marketing strategy to grow their business. When formatting a  social marketing strategy, most content marketers go for the usual suspects (Facebook, Twitter and Google+).  But with over 70 million …

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