3 Reasons to Consider Text-Message Marketing

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In a recent study by Moovweb, stats say that 2016 will bring 448 million mobile payment users in a market worth $617 billion. With more and more people accessing the Internet from mobile devices only, not desktops or laptops, messaging tailored to the format of this device is becoming even more valuable. Here are three reasons sports and entertainment marketers should invest in text-message marketing.

Reason #1: We’re addicted.

Not only is mobile phone use quickly surpassing that of laptops and desktops, but it is also becoming a rapid habit among users.

Because many users keep their cell phones on them at all times, even throughout weekdays at work, marketers now have a tool that can capitalize on this, reaching their target market anywhere at anytime.

Reason #2:  It’s cheap.

Compared to the traditional marketing route, including expensive TV and print placements, text campaigns are much more cost-effective, especially since they work well with other online efforts you’re probably already implementing, including social media campaigns.

This mobile and online integration makes the perfect marriage of communicating with potential customers while they peruse their favorite social media networks and while they move from place to place beyond the Internet through their text-message receiving mobile devices.

Reason #3: It’s welcomed.

The best part about text marketing is that branded text messages can only be sent to customers who want to receive them. Meaning, customers have to formally agree to receive text communication from a brand in order to get them.

Because these customers are active participants, this makes text-message marketing a very effective way to reach the target audience. It is estimated that more than 90 percent of campaign text messages are read by recipients and have a response rate that is much higher than traditional media.

Text message marketing also allows businesses to get creative with their offering to entice reactions to calls for action. For example, brands can offer mobile coupons, send sale/event reminders and updates on product launches and service offerings.

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