4 Best Smartphone Apps for Sports Viewing

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With new apps created everyday, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with the latest in sports viewing. The overarching idea is that sports are no longer just what’s happening on screen – they are also what’s happening on your cell phone or tablet. The following are 4 apps to maximize your sports interaction:


Twitter – Twitter is the heartbeat of the sports experience. From columns, to breaking news, to opinions, nothing travels faster than Twitter. Twitter is also the world’s biggest sports bar, where analysis, opinions, and stats converge to form a giant mosaic of the sports landscape.

theScore – theScore, available on the iPhone and Android, is the best app for keeping track of live scores. Covering every sport you could conceive of, theScore is updated every 30 seconds. Stuck in traffic and want to know the score? Well, you know the app to open.

Yahoo/ESPN Fantasy Sports – in a way, fantasy sports was a precursor to the Twitter era. It was the first time people could manipulate a team, and in a way, their overall sports experience. This is an era where people root for their fantasy team more than their home team. Yahoo and ESPN provide up to the minute scores of your weekly matchups.

MLB.TV, NBA GAME TIME – both apps allow you to watch live games. Plus, you’re not constrained by a national game (home games in your area may be blacked out). With these apps, you have the entire night’s schedule to choose from. Although you can watch from your smartphone, these apps are most recommended for viewing on a tablet screen.

The previous four apps have one thing in common: they make sports viewing an interactive experience. No longer are you a passive observer – your input and influence matters in the big scheme. What was once reserved for a corner at a bar, your voice can speak on a worldwide level.

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