5 Must-Follow Sports Opinionists On Twitter

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Everyone that knows me know that I’m a huge sports nut. When I want to learn about some sports news or get in a good laugh, I check out what these folks are tweeting.

Jemele Hill
Jemele Hill@jemelehill

She knows her sports and music. She’s funny as all get out. She has freckles. Every man’s dream right? Seriously, you will get your money’s worth (if Twitter wasn’t free) by keeping your eyes on her timeline.


These guys (this guy – whatever) don’t miss a beat when it comes to NBA news and rumors. They come up with doozies like this: https://twitter.com/#!/IamaGM/status/168365581672779776/photo/1

Rodimus Prime
Rodimus Prime@rodimusprime

Rod knows it all. He has a great handle on pretty much every sport. But it goes beyond sports… he’s a gamer, music head, and an intelligently humorous dude.


Josh Zerkle aka PUNTE is a new media whiz. He’s currently the lead football writer for Bleacher/Report. He doesn’t hold back any punches.

Bomani Jones
Bomani Jones@bomani_jones

Bomani is raw, honest, and has freakish recall. He’s quick to call you out if your take is ridiculous and has no factual backing. Bo is the leader of the NEW new media revolution.

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